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    All of our ministry materials are available to you for free. In order for us to maintain our resources you are limited to the amount of products you can request per month. You will be allotted: 2 Books per month, 8 Lessons per month, 1 Bible Study every 3 months.

    All prices are our suggested donation amount. We will not withhold the Word of God based on the inability to give. If you cannot give we will still send you the materials for free yet you must cover shipping costs. We trust that each individual will be integrities in their ability to donate to the Work of the Lord. God Bless You.

    In your CART you will find VOUCHER CODES that can be applied to receive your items for free or at a discounted amount.

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About Tony Owens

Tony Owens under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, speaks forth in sincerity and truth. He has been in ministry for over 22 years. He has held seminars for the edification and equipping of the saints in many cities throughout the United States. He has held empowerment and faith building seminars for Pastors, ministry leaders, and general laity, to encourage and infuse their hearts with passion to accomplish their purpose in the great commission. His passion is to empower the Christian to not just know what Jesus did, rather to do what Jesus did, walk in power.

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