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House of David Ministries Inc.

House Of David Ministries is an Apostolic Ministry (meaning Five Fold and not denominational), commissioned by the Living God to birth deliverance and breakthrough in, through, and for the people in the community, city, state, region and nation that it resides in, through using the various dynamics of prayer, repentance, praise, petition and spiritual warfare.

House of David Ministries Inc. is called to teach this same ability for breakthrough to the Body of Christ, both locally and nationwide. This is done by first building up Christians in the local area, and training them to secure the community for Christ, establishing our dominion in Christ by first repenting of our sins, and then those of the community (by standing proxy in a place of intercession) and asking God to forgive us in Jesus name. This gives us the right and ability to remove these demonic spirits that hinder men and women from coming to Christ for salvation, and that cause the destruction of the lives of people in our area of jurisdiction. The removing of demonic spirits that hinder the move of God in a community causes the release of God's promises, provisions, power, and revival.

House of David Ministries is called to birth Apostolic Breakthrough, causing multitudes to come to Christ, by setting the captives free. We are called to be a Vanguard of Restored Apostolic Breakthrough, and we expect to see our community, city, and nation taken for Christ because of it.

Tony Owens

Tony Owens under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, speaks forth in sincerity and truth. He has held seminars for the edification and equipping of the saints in many cities throughout the United States. Bishop Owens has also been invited into many local churches to speak to congregations of diverse backgrounds. He has held empowerment and faith building seminars for Pastors, ministry leaders, and general laity, to encourage and infuse their hearts with passion to accomplish their purpose in the great commission. These meetings empower the Christian to not just know what Jesus did, rather to do what Jesus did, walk in power. He is the founder of the House Of David Schools of Ministry, which train and equip the believer to fulfill the Great Commission. (Mark 16:17-18) Tony Owens is called to impart the Anointing, activate and release the Gifts of the Spirit to those who have prepared themselves to receive from the Lord. Because of his desire to see the will of God accomplished in this hour, Bishop Owens has established several ministries. He has also written and published eighteen books, which empowers the believer to demonstrate the power of God in their life, community, and ministry. Bishop Tony Owens has also developed the Nehemiah Project Prayer, which is a strategy of Apostolic Intercessory Prayer that is purposed to manifest breakthrough for the salvation, restoration, deliverance and healing of the harvest. (Matt. 9:37,38)



House of David Ministries Inc.

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